usb 64m smart card

usb 64m smart card

the manufacturer has informed us they are discontinuing this product. get them while you can! we won't be restocking these unless they adjust these plans, which they seem pretty set on going forward with despite our overtures for alternatives. (update 2021 manufacturer tells me we bought the last remaining of their NOS, this is all we can get pending them changing their plans. sorry. naturally, will keep pushing a few more times though)

  • support for gb/cgb/gba/gbp
  • supports gb/cgb roms (including LSDj)
  • multiple game roms on the same cartridge are allowed
  • connects to pc via mini-b type usb cable
  • official software supported on windows xp, vista, and 7 (user-developed apps available, see below)
  • easily replaceable battery (for sram). no soldering is required
important things to consider:
  • game *.sav file is stored in sram. only one *.sav can be stored at the same time
  • no rom is included on the cartridge. if you need a rom on the cartridge when mailed to you, please read the faq section of this website
  • cartridges are also compatible with the transferrer II system
the official driver and software can be downloaded here: unofficial, user-developed software can be found here: unofficial, user-deleveled support apps>

a compatible usb cable for these cartridges may be found here.

this cartridge comes with a lsdj sticker. additional lsdj stickers may be purchased here.

if you want lsdj flashed to your cartridge, please read our FAQs about this here.

if you indicate you would like lsdj flashed onto the cartridge, it will be held from shipping until you complete the procedure for this stated in the faq section. it will be held for one week maximum, so please follow through with this process asap. if you do not state this, it will be assumed you do not want any software installed on the cartridge and will be shipped blank.