silicone buttons

$2.75 - $3.00
silicone buttons

these are replacement silicone buttons for the DMG console.

the 'full set' includes a dpad, A/B button, and start/select button. the clear parts are semi-translucent. the parts replace the original membrane and the plastic buttons that would otherwise rest on top.

the 'membrane' set includes replacement pieces for the original parts in the console which are used in conjunction with plastic buttons. they are the silicone membranes.

to install, you only need to remove the factory-installed silicone and plastic buttons and replace them with these. to open the case, you may need a tri-wing screwdriver which can be found here.

* = indicates color from the Play It Loud! series
** = matches the very dark grey silicone s/s buttons on the CGB console
*** = matches the CGB teal case

the "moogfest 2014 edition" sets are a limited-edition series based on the color scheme of 2014's Moogfest, where Kitsch-Bent had a booth. the color mixing on the buttons is completely at random, each button is unique and may contain more/less of a certain color.