LOCA (liquid optically clear adhesive)


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LOCA is used in the 'advanced installation' method of installing console frontlight kits. it goes between the LCD and the frontlight part and greatly improves the optical quality of this modification. since only a small amount of LOCA is needed for an installation, one bottle should last you multiple installations.

  • 10g of LOCA, net weight, per tube
  • must be stored in a dark environment away from UV light
  • RoHS compliant
  • store at 10-30 degrees Celsius
  • please see the advanced installation guide on the frontlight product page
  • apply to the center of the LCD screen and gently lay the frontlight kit on top
  • slowly allow to spread while applying gentle pressure, making sure any air bubbles are not introduced or included
  • LOCA needs exposure to UV light to cure/harden. if using a UV lamp, exposure time can be dramatically cut down. if using sunlight, curing will take much longer. with a UV lamp, curing will begin in 3-5 minutes, wait until all LOCA is cured/hardened prior to use

shipped in a light-proof condition. please store away from light sources. light causes the LOCA to cure.