a simple breakout cartridge PCB for the Game Boy console line. brings all 32 edge connector fingers out to pads arranged for a surface mount 2x16 header.

can be very helpful when developing for Game Boy or for your own experimentation.

  • LED for power
  • LED on !RST pin
  • gold fingers

current batch has a matte black soldermask with white silkscreen.

  • 1pc 2x16 SMT header (molex part # 15-91-0320 or equivalent
  • 2pcs 0603-package SMT LEDs (color your choice)
  • R1 & R3 (0603-package): calculate for LEDs, use 5V for calculations
  • C1: 10uF/10V 0603-package capacitor
  • C2: 47uF/10V 0603-package
  • R2: 10k, 0603-package

props to jazzmarazz.