kk_gb_256x16_plcc cartridge

kk_gb_256x16_plcc cartridge

these carts support sixteen 256kb (32k x 8) ROMs. this size ROM is the same as those supported on our single-ROM PROM carts. this cart does not feature any sort of game progress (*.sav) support, RTC, or otherwise. they are 16x 32K ROM only. there is no MBC.

ROM selection is made via a 4-switch DIP. you make the switch prior to power-up of the console, there is no menu on-board.

if you wish to have a ROM flashed to your PROM and shipped with the order, or create/program your own, please use our software utility here. drag/drop 16 compatible ROMs, choose your save location, and create the ROM. as the software is created in java, it is compatible with most operating systems.

please e-mail us the compiled ROM to contact(aatt)kitsch-bent(ddoott)com if you wish it to be programmed and shipped with your order.

order includes 3 stickers & 29F040 PLCC IC.

cartridge ships with the following titles by default on the IC:
  • chord 1.0.5
  • deathray
  • drumtech
  • electric drum
  • gbsound
  • ikinari bopper 1.5
  • mGB 1.3.0
  • muddyGB
  • musictech v1
  • musictech v2
  • nanoloop 1.6 (demo)
  • nanosynth
  • nerdrix 1.0.1
  • pushpin
  • rez
  • shitwave 1