KitschKart multicart (BennVenn)

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KitschKart multicart (BennVenn)

a.k.a., kk_gb_2m_bv

these are simple multicarts with an optional ROM-choosing menu function. they will hold a total of 2mbytes of ROMs with the menu ROM included in this calculation.

the menu ROM may be downloaded here.

to use with the menu feature, please use our ROM-compiler software here and add the menu ROM first in your list. then follow by adding whatever ROMs you wish to be included on the cartridge to the list (2mbytes total). compile the ROM and flash it to the cartridge with your cartridge programmer.

the menu will be built automatically if the menu ROM is added first.

you can also use this cart for a single, larger ROM and leave out the menu ROM. there will be no menu this way.

  • 2 mbytes total ROM space
  • no RAM functionality
  • mbc5 compatible
  • ROM menu at start-up if using the menu ROM as mentioned above