kitsch-bent, l.l.c.

Store closed until I get caught up to orders and to life!

tl;dr my wife is 17 weeks, and I can't even begin to tell you how busy things have gotten, sort of peripherally, as a result

actually, that is pretty much it. if you know me at all you'll have realized that my family obligations always take priority over work (although i realize the irony being that this is my job, hence the way to pay bills and the circular problem modernity causes families. but!) things came up and i got a touch behind, and since then i'm just chasing that ball down a hill and not having a lot of success in catching up. so, rather than keep doing that and getting orders out later than i'd like, i am just going to take the hit for some days and get totally caught up, get the spare room cleaned out and that stress off me, and stuff like that. if you've been through this, you know how the stress sort of blossoms suddenly after you pass that post-1st trimester moment. gosh. oi. ok, gotta run. but, yeah, store is closed until I'm caught up, i feel like a jerk doing this to you all and being slow about shipping, but a couple day breather is what i need to knock some things out without orders continuing. best type of problem to have, but its still a problem :)