Game Boy Color Backlighting Kit

$1.00 - $11.50
Game Boy Color Backlighting Kit

this is a kit which will allow for a backlighting technique of your Game Boy Color (GBC) console. the technique was developed by Arnie from Datathrash Recordings and he worked with us in testing the materials to achieve these results. very much appreciated, great job!

a guide with pictures will come shortly.

materials needed: GBC, GBC polarizer film (NOT the regular DMG polarizer!), Game Boy Color light panel (GBC frontlight recommended), screwdrivers as-needed, small prying tools, tools to install your light panel
  • 1. Open the GBC, disconnect the screen ribbon cable, and remove the circuit board.
  • 2. Using a sharp tool (dental pick, precision screwdriver, etc) pry the screen assembly out of the front shell.
  • 3. Remove the glass screen from the metal frame. You will not be reusing the metal frame so the easiest way to do it is to bend down one of the lower corners so you can get under the screen with a flat tool and pry it off.
  • 4. Remove all the foam and adhesive from the back of the screen. Be careful of the ribbon cable. You can scrape most of the foam off with a thumbnail. Windex works well to remove the adhesive (isopropyl left a smeary coating behind). When you are done you will be able to see through the entire screen.
  • 5. Hold the front half of the GBC shell up to a light and position the screen properly, sticking it to the remaining adhesive. You will see a slightly darker square in the middle of the screen when you look through it. Center that in the shell’s screen opening.
  • 6. Connect your light panel according to the appropriate directions. I strongly recommend the Kitsch-bent frontlight panel due to its brightness and size.
  • 7. Place your GBC polarizer film onto the back of the screen followed by your light panel (both of these go between the screen and the ribbon cable, obviously). If using a Kitsch-Bent frontlight panel place it with the textured side away from the glass.
  • 7a. I’ve had good results adding a piece of white printer paper behind the light panel as a reflector. A real piece of reflective film would likely be better. Experiment to find your preference.
  • 8. Replace the circuit board, connect the ribbon cable, and close up the GBC.
  • 9. Insert batteries and check your work.
  • 10. You may want to invert the screen for much better contrast. If the screen is not already inverted you will have to open the GBC back up and turn the polarizer film one quarter turn.