expanded dmg button pcb (i2c version)

$11.75 - $17.50
expanded dmg button pcb (i2c version)

this is a button breakout board which utilizes I2C protocol via a MCP23017 IC.

  • d-pad, start, select, A, B, X, and Y buttons available (breakout header for L1, L2, R1, and R2)
  • gold-immersion PCB treatment
  • fully compatible with our silicone buttons (including 2x A/B parts)
  • side solder points for connection of 2x Left and 2x Right buttons, with GND connections
  • fits into standard DMG shell
  • 1.0mm thickness
  • matte black finish
  • uses well-documented MCP23017 IC
  • two solder jumpers (use 0ohm 0603 resistor) for changing IC address to 0x20 or 0x21 -- ships as 0x20

here is code for arduino to test or for reference. button presses appear in the serial monitor stream.

here is a drill template for adding holes for the X and Y buttons to your console shell.

  • GPA2 — B
  • GPA3 — A
  • GPA4 — R2
  • GPA5 — R1
  • GPA6 — X
  • GPA7 — Y
  • GPB0 — UP
  • GPB1 — L1
  • GPB2 — L2
  • GPB3 — LEFT
  • GPB4 — RIGHT
  • GPB5 — DOWN
  • GPB7 — START