$6.05 - $24.00

this is a kit for adding an electroluminescent (el) backlight to your gameboy original dmg console.

kit includes:
  • el panel (~0.3mm thickness)
  • el_dmg pcb
  • polarization film
  • hook-up wire
  • no hotspotting (like LED backlights)
  • low power consumption (5V@65mA)
  • extremely thin, no pressure is placed on the LCD screen after installation
  • easy to install; pcb/backlight uses headers for connections rather than soldering
  • minimal soldering required (for power, 2 places)
installation documentation (powerpoint format): installation documentation (pdf format):

there is a slight electric whine heard when using any el technology, including this circuit and backlight panel. the sound is similar to the level of noise produced by the gameboy light (gbl). if this type of noise is troublesome to you, LED backlights produce no electric hum.