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this circuit is a replacement for the crystal oscillator inside the DMG console (although it is adaptable to other consoles that will tolerate the frequencies and supply a max of 5.5V). it is powered via the gameboy's power supply and can output two clock signals which can be changed during gameplay, rather than only while the power is turned off.

  • two speeds:
    • normal speed (4.194304 MHz)
    • half speed (2.097152 MHz)
  • small size (7.5mm x 12.15mm x 1.75mm)
  • RoHS compliant
kit includes:
  • easy_CLK PCB
  • hook-up wires for power and clock output
  • wire jumper
installation documentation (powerpoint format):
  • english
  • español (pronto)
  • português (breve)
installation documentation (pdf format):
  • english
  • español (pronto)
  • português (breve)

the kit is shipped with a wire jumper so that you can solder it into the PCB and activate the circuit. it comes without a switch to save cost for you, but mainly to allow for more customization on your end. there are hundreds of switches that should work, you need a basic SPDT type. if you have questions about a particular switch, feel free to contact us before ordering.