backlighting film

backlighting film

these films are meant for the diy-er in their backlighting and optical experiments.

the polarization film is primarily meant to replace the film that is peeled off in the backlighting process. our diffusion film is a custom product which helps diffuse the light and adds a reflective layer which brightens the backlight. both are LCD quality.

the diffusion film has a notch cut in the corner to stay in place securely in a DMG. the notch in the polarization film is no longer present so it can be installed either inverted/regular from the same piece of material.

to change the polarization film between the normal and inverted look, simply rotate the film 90 degrees during installation. they are perfectly square pieces of film, and can be turned easily.

each film has a protective plastic layer on each side, which needs to be removed before use.

these films also fit in a gameboy pocket. the films are easily cut with scissors or a razor.