Arduinoboy (Xiwi Electronics)

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Arduinoboy (Xiwi Electronics)

a Xiwi Electronics X kitsch-bent production.

based on the Arduino platform, this interface allows MIDI signals to be sent and received by software such as Nanoloop, LSDJ, and mGB running on the Nintendo Game Boy.

Arduinoboy Github page here.

this version features MIDI Out, MIDI In, 9v power, and link cable connections. wiring and PCB population processes were completed by hand.

a custom link cable is required for this Arduinoboy and can support the original DMG, GB Pocket, and GB Color depending on the type of link cable you use for this assembly. please refer to the picture on this page for cable assembly. 5-pin DIN connector is included with purchase.

you must use a power source that supplies anywhere from 5 to 15 volts and has a positive center pin.

Arduinoboy was developed and released under the GNU General Public License by Timothy Lamb in the Fall of 2008.

this batch has a mirrored grey enclosure with matte black PCB and aluminum posts.

  • Arduinoboy
  • 5-pin DIN connector to use for cable assembly

(text adapted from original Xiwi Electronics product page)