this is a flash cartridge for the Sega Game Gear hand-held console developed by krikzz.

this cartridge features:
  • max supported ROM size of 8mbit (1mbyte)
  • 32kB FRAM for game save files
  • support for Game Gear and SMS games
  • supports standard Sega and Codemasters mappers
  • USB port for homebrew development*
  • OS updates via SD slot or USB port*
  • RAM data can be loaded/saved via SD slot
  • micro-SD cards supported
  • FAT16 supported. max partition size of 2GB
  • flashed game will stay in storage after power is shut off, so there is no need to reflash after each reset or power-off

cartridge comes with the PCB only. you will need to supply the shell from an older game. only minor modifications for the USB and SD ports are required.

the software for this cartridge may be found on the manufacturer's website linked to above.

* USB port is only on the 'everdrive-gg USB' version

* USB operations are controlled by the Game Gear's Z80 CPU, so the cartridge must be connected to the console for USB/PC communication